Perseverance pays off with bathroom remodels

Written by: Christina Kleiner / Photos by: Daniel Feldkamp

There’s an iconic scene in the 1986 film The Money Pit, where Walter, portrayed by Tom Hanks, is waiting for a bucket of water to warm up in the kitchen. After casually flipping on a light switch, he ignites an electrical fire that travels along the wiring throughout the kitchen, blowing a blender, the television and a host of other appliances. The scene culminates with Walter and Shelley Long’s character, Anna, pouring the hot water into the bathtub, only to watch it fall through the floor to the room below. 

Resources: Contractor: Buecker’s Fine Furniture & Interiors; Tile installation: TJ Construction & Tile; Tile: Rookwood Pottery Co.; Cabinetry: Bowman’s Fine Cabinetry; Plumbing fixtures: Ferguson

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