Rock on with unique kitchen remodel ideas

Written by: Sarah J. Dills

Camden and Heather immediately knew when they spotted what would eventually become their home. “It had been abandoned for many, many years. There was no way you could live in the house in its condition…maybe if you were a squatter,” Heather describes.

According to Camden, it took a definite leap of faith to see past all the years of neglect and envision the possibilities. “It’s hard to see the end result when you’re looking at such a mess,” he explains.

So for nine months the couple worked tirelessly to rehab their house back into a home while living off-site in a rental. Once the home was functional (with things like running water and electricity), the family—which includes now eighteen-year-old daughter Maddi and now three-year-old son Kingston—moved into their home for the final three months of the renovation.

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