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Globetrotters build their dream home, a contemporary beauty, in Cincinnati

The island to the right is on wheels so that it can be pivoted 180 degrees to open up the flow when the couple is cooking and entertaining outside on the covered patio.

While the homeowner says she’s not religious, she does take comfort and find calmness while looking at Buddha.

A covered porch, complete with an outdoor kitchen, is seamlessly integrated into the clean lines of the home’s architecture.

Asian-style screens were placed to guide visitors to the home’s main entrance, which is located on the side of the home.

This Buddha statue was carved from a single piece of wood and rests on one of the homeowner’s favorite pieces of furniture—her custom-built storage unit.

The homeowners originally wanted glass for their staircase banister, but their architect suggested using cables. Coco, the family’s Labradoodle, rests on the landing.

The bar, designed by the homeowner, was custom-built in Singapore and shipped to Cincinnati in a shipping container, which took about eight weeks by boat.

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