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West Chester homeowner banks on solid design principles

As clearly shown in the facade, this resort-like home embraces a comfortable Frank Lloyd Wright style that is perfect for safeguarding a private weekend at home or hosting a lavish dinner party.

This outdoor living space includes a reflecting pool, waterfall, hot tub, and four seating areas for taking it easy when the owners are at home alone or to break up larger conversation groups when they entertain more formally.

Eager to share his extensive wine collection with friends and guests, this homeowner keeps his home wine racks completely visible from the main dining room.

An 11-foot waterfall, created by the homeowner's friend who is a Disney theme park designer, spills over into the inground pool

Situated just beneath the waterfall and right next to the inground pool, a hot tub is hidden behind the steady drizzle.

Yard art varies, it can be anything from a tasteful stone to temporary holiday decorations. This homeowner, for example, had a bronze statue imported from Germany set up to welcome guests as they come up the driveway.

This sculpture, called "Sails", sits near a pool, hot tub and surrounding patio and outdoor living area, and echoes the watery themes of the surrounding space.

Despite the decent amount of lighting seen inside and out of this home, there are barely any light switches as the lights are mostly automated.

This patio furniture offers something in the way of a more solitude retreat and is the perfect place to kick back with a good book or simply bask in the sun.

This patio area features comfy seating for an intimate gathering and provides a glamorous view of a sparkling waterfall that spills into a reflective pool.

An 85-year-old Turkish area rug that the homeowner picked up on her travels makes a statement in this casual sitting area.

Not wanting to eliminate the natural landscape, the homeowners have several potted plants and garden areas strewn throughout this outdoor living space. This tree here is one of the several river birches found on the property, noticeable for it's cinnamon color bark.

A plush couch with matching throw pillows and a nearby coffee table bring the convenience of indoor furniture to the outdoors.

As if the view wasn't spectacular enough, eye-popping red carpet surrounds this contemporary wet bar.

This living room features a spectacular view of the nearby reflective pool and a curved sofa that simply beckons guests to kick back and relax.

Like everything else in this house, the kitchen design was created with entertaining in mind. The homeowners often host charity events where select guests are invited to dine on a succulent meal created by a guest celebrity chef.

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