The treasure in the tree

Mount Hope craftsman creates spectacular custom woodwork from a 450-year-old Missouri walnut tree

This is one of the conference tables made from the Missouri walnut tree. Another from the tree, a 24-foot-long version, awaits the right buyer.

The tree-trimming experts who removed this walnut attempt to stretch their arms around its wide trunk, which reaches to 72 inches in diameter.

Three sections of rosewood, with live edges, are connected with bow-tie bridges, all of which adds interest to this dining room table.

This cross section cut of a 450-year-old walnut tree shows the ring of bark that could be used as a "live edge" when it is turned into custom woodwork.

Ambrosia maple wood features an interesting color pattern caused by digging Ambrosia beetles.

This wood is called Buckeye Burl and comes from an underground root. When harvesting this wood you have to cut through the roots, which will occasionally be going in different directions which creates the burls.

This wood has been assembled as a book match. When the pieces aren't wide enough for a project, you straighten the edges on two sides, lay the log open like a book and glue the ends together for a matching color variation.

Hickory wood gives off more of a rustic look. It has streaks and color variations that add to the rustic appearance.

This 450-year-old walnut tree dominated most of the Missouri back yard that is was found in.

Cherry wood goes through an interesting transition over the years, it's lighter at the start but turns more amber with age.

Walnut is a native wood to Ohio, and its warm brown color variations make it a popular choice.

This 450-year-old walnut tree was securely strapped to a truck and transported from Missouri to Ohio, where it then underwent an extensive two-year drying process in order to be crafted into high-end furniture.

Due to its large size, a crane was necessary to heft this 450-year-old walnut tree onto a flatbed truck.

Redwood grows in California or Oregon, and it has a reddish tone and a marbling pattern that give it a different grain and texture than other wood.

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