Bathtubs let you soak in style

Written by: Karen Bradner

It is thought that the first individual size bathtub—a 5-foot-long piece of pottery—was enjoyed on the Greek island of Crete somewhere around 3300 BC. It is said that a few thousand years later—in 500 BC—citizens of Rome were encouraged to bathe daily, but typically the cleansing occurred in a public bath. Those few who were wealthy enough to afford a private bath enjoyed bathing themselves in a sort of luxurious private pool.

Flash forward a few thousand years. Thankfully today, private bathing is commonplace, but, similar to the stunning spaces that host them, the selection of bathtubs in which to bathe is anything but. Keep it simple and join the millions who purchase the most common style of tub sold today—a 5-foot wall-to-wall built-in model in white or biscuit. Or treat yourself like a Roman emperor and enjoy one of these lavish soaks.

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