Home design teeters between the extremes

Written by: Sarah J. Dills

Traveling southbound on Interstate 71, parallel with the city of Cincinnati, drivers enter the Lytle Tunnel to travel underneath Lytle Park. The Procter & Gamble complex is off to the right and the hills of Mt. Adams are off to the left. And in between, appearing to balance on top of the tunnel, sits the condo of Jennifer Day.

It seems fitting her home is nestled between the hustle and bustle of downtown and the relaxing atmosphere of Mt. Adams, because the condo itself has become a middle ground between Day’s fast-paced life in California and her quiet upbringing on a farm in rural Ohio.

The palatial penthouse unit has three bedrooms, an open floor plan and million-dollar views. Yet, there is a sense of warmth, familiarity and coziness that Day attributes to the collections found throughout her home.

The interior designer who worked on this home design was none other than the homeowner herself, and she was gracious enough to share some tips and give the scoop on how she created a space so perfect for herself.

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