Home improvement project retains historical charm

Architect - Bob Baumbach , Contractor - October Development , Designer and water features - Pittsburgh Pond and Stone Company

Written by: Hilary Daninhirsch

The crumbling, 130-year-old Victorian row house had been unoccupied for over 20 years, was in disrepair, had three walls about to collapse and was totally unlivable. Which is why, after several years of mulling it over, Al DePasquale finally decided that he had to have it. So he bought the house and then brought the house down…literally.

With only one original wall remaining to preserve its historic integrity, Al rebuilt the house in Historic Deutschtown from the ground up. But he didn’t enter into this decision lightly. Like many others who had seen the house, he debated whether it was worth the cost. “The first time I looked at it, I looked at it like everyone else—was it worth repairing?”

But Al, who at the time lived a few streets away, wanted the location. “The idea was, now I can put everything I want into a home,” he explains.

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