Kitchen remodel serves up style

Contractor - John Schilling , Kitchen designer - Aaron Mauk

Written by: Jane Schreier Jones

Pam and Steve’s house in Vandalia has gone from almost-a-nightmare to a dream home, and a major factor is the quite fabulous kitchen remodel. “The day we closed on this house in 1997, we saw our first cockroach and it was one plague after another,” Pam recalls, with a lightheartedness only possible this far away from those early years. “We tackled the problems one at a time with fix-ups, remodeling and landscaping.”

On their 20-year wedding anniversary, the couple decided for their 25th anniversary, they would remodel their “one-person kitchen,” a space where no one could open the oven if someone was standing at the sink. But the remodeling evolved into more when Steve had a radical idea: convert the screened-in patio to a large, working Italian kitchen where family and friends can cook, eat and be together. He floated the idea with Pam, who liked the notion, and the planning began.

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