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Written by: Jane Schreier Jones

It is easy to see how much Gerrie Bielefeld loves her new kitchen remodel. “If I could fit in a bed, I’d sleep here,” she says with her easy laugh.

No wonder. Thanks to unbelievable cabinetry, the kitchen, which is in handsome harmony with the Bielefeld’s lovely 1848 Federal style home in Waynesville, is stunning.

A renovation project in 2014 took Gerrie’s kitchen from outdated to outstanding. She began the process by doing “a ton of research” to nail the look she wanted in order to keep the character of the house. Then Gerrie made another smart move: she contacted David T. Smith, of The Workshops of David T. Smith in Morrow, a designer/builder widely known as the guru of period kitchens. “David Smith is the real deal,” Gerrie says.

The pair worked together selecting every element to bring true 1800’s style to the space. 

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