Taking it to the hoop: basketball room designs

Written by: Ally Reuther

Some people look forward to the cold weather because it means cozying up around a roaring fire with family, or skiing down a snow-covered slope at high speeds. Others, because it means basketball season is back. It doesn't matter whether you're a fan of college or pro, there's always a game to be watched, analyzed or debated. But what about getting into the game yourself? We've selected our favorite basketball room designs, a collection of indoor and outdoor spaces with all of the necessities for everything from a friendly pick-up game to an elbow-punctuated, sweat-filled game of one-on-one. Not really the type of person to be found on a court? No problem! Be sure to get a look at the selection of courts that come with accompanying viewing stations. So whether you're dribbling down the court or perched on a stool watching the whole thing, just remember: keep your eye on the ball. 

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