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Mt. Lookout cabin honors a hometown treasure

Historic preservation jobs are often burdensome, but this family took a Cincinnati Red’s landmark and updated it to the point where guests cannot tell what was originally there when Warren Giles, who served as general manager to the Reds between 1937 and 1951, owned it and what the new owners refurbished.

Decorating ideas generally follow a modern trend, but this family decided to pay homage to the original owner of this log cabin, a Cincinnati Red’s general manager, by proudly displaying Reds’ paraphernalia.

This patio set resides halfway between the family’s home and a refurbished log cabin that has been turned into an entertainment area, allowing the parents to keep an eye on their son and his friends as they run from one location to the next.

These homeowners proudly display an original beer tap used by Warren Giles-who served as general manager of the Cincinnati Reds- in this early rendition of a man cave.

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